Celebs who are also hardcore gamers

Celebrities who are hardcore gamers


Celebrities, they’re just like us – and in more ways than you may expect!

Whether you’re keen on your Nintendo console or a die-hard online slot player, you likely have more in common with celebrities than you think. Many silver screen stars are also hardcore gamers in their spare time.

But which games do celebrities actually like? Do they play blackjack online using Bitcoin? Or do they prefer to get in on the action via first-person shooters? Let us ease your mind if you’ve been pondering this question for a while.

We’ve gathered all the information about celebrity gamers and their screen passions.

Feeling competitive? Scroll down to find your celebrity gaming match!

Jennifer Tilly

Does the name sound familiar to you? Jennifer Tilly wowed theatres in Chucky, leading her to become one of horror’s all-time icons. However, Tilly isn’t just an icon on the big screen – she also impresses players in high-profile gambling tournaments worldwide.

That’s right; Tilly is a well-known professional gambler. In 2010, Tilly won an impressive $125,000 prize at the World Series of Poker in the Bellagio Cup. A $30,000 victory followed this win in 2019.

Tilly’s game of choice is Texas Hold’em, so note this down if you see her in the casino.

Henry Cavill

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Source: Twitter

Superman needs to relax and unwind too!

Next on our list is Henry Cavill, one of the most famous actors in the game right now. How do you think Cavill spends his downtime? The answer might surprise you…

It turns out that Cavill is a big World of Warcraft player. Yup, Mr. Cavill likes to indulge in a little WoW action during his time offset. It’s reported that Cavill was so engrossed with WoW that he didn’t answer his agent’s initial calls about his Superman role. We’re glad he picked up the phone in the end!

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has been flying the flag for female gamers for years.

With an outspoken interest in Halo and Mortal Kombat, her love for video games is downright impressive. Fox has even stated she’d love to star as Kitana in a future live-action remake of Mortal Kombat, and we’d be down for this too!

But Megan doesn’t always play alone. In interviews, the star has hinted that her famous partner, Machine Gun Kelly, also dabbles in Mortal Kombat fun. A celeb couple that games together stays together.

Tom Holland

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Source: Reddit

Are there any Spider-Man fans in the house?

Whether you enjoy Spider-Man comics, films, or games, you’ll be interested to know what action star Tom Holland gets up to in his free time. Holland enjoys Skyrim, The Last of Us, and Uncharted when he isn’t in the limelight.

However, we’re not surprised that Holland is such an Uncharted fan, as he’s set to play Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie. Hey, it’s always important to know the film’s source material!

Will Arnett

Comedy genius and actor Will Arnett is yet another celebrity who likes to wind down in front of the console.

The top pick on this celebrity’s list is Call of Duty, and his love for the game was so apparent that he even appeared in the 2009 CoD: Modern Warfare 2 release. Talk about reaching for your dreams!

Arnett isn’t subtle about his video game passions, either. He has appeared online in the past, hosting a Game Chat with fellow comedian players. This series sadly doesn’t air any longer, but you can enjoy old episodes online.

Mila Kunis

How much playing is too much playing?

We’ll pose this question to Mila Kunis – a self-described ‘video game addict.’ In some interviews, the That 70s Show star admitted to trying to ‘break’ her addiction with desperate measures.

But which game is the culprit for Kunis’ fascination? It’s World of Warcraft, a game that has captured attention all over the world. That’s not all for the actress, as Kunis has also admitted she plays Call of Duty. We know whom to call for a non-stop gaming session!

Key takeaway

Can you relate to any of these celebrities? It looks like the power of online gaming has a hold on superstars, just like the rest of the population – we’re all only human at the end of the day! Was your favorite star or game mentioned here?