Bianca Belair Net Worth

Bianca Belair Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how much Bianca Blair’s net worth is?

Bianca Nicole Crawford, also known as Bianca Belair, is a professional wrestler under contract with WWE.

She’s the second African-American wrestler to win the ‘Royal Rumble’ match in 21 years after Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

As of May 2023, Bianca Belair’s net worth sits at $5 million. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Belair’s journey and how she gained success.

Early Life

Bianca Nicole Blair was born on April 9, 1989, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her parents are Leonard Blair and Travonda Blair.

She also has four older brothers, Jasta, Jermaine, Leonard Jr., and Jeffrey.

Growing up, Bianca’s family didn’t have much, but her parents helped her enroll in gymnastics classes.

At a relatively young age, Bianca started competing in track and field as a hurdles competitor on her team.

She continued her athletic activities when she went to Austin-East Magnet High School. Mostly, she participated in track and field and won many races, including hurdles.

Bianca wanted to get a sports scholarship for her college, so she tried to lose weight fast.

Although the pro wrestler looked fit, she was a little overweight in high school. This is why she struggled to cope with Bulimia.

She believed that losing weight will make her run faster, so she started throwing up her food. She ended up losing a significant amount of weight and got a scholarship at the University of South Carolina.

The University of South Carolina was her first university, where she dominated track and field.

However, she ended up getting weak because her body wasn’t getting the proper nutrients and vitamins.

After she started her first year of college, she stopped trying to lose weight because she already had the scholarship that she wanted. She began binge eating day and night.

As a result, she gained weight. The coaches expressed their disappointment, so Bianca started purging again.

Eventually, the endless cycle of eating and starving led to hospitalization. It had also taken a toll on her mental health.

As a result, Belair needed to take medication for her depression.

Then, she went back to her family and friends in Tennessee for a year.

After she got counseling and therapy, she decided to join the track team at the University of Tennessee.

She then earned a full scholarship, allowing her to finish her track career and complete her college education.

Professional Wrestling Career

Bianca Belair is also known as the ‘EST of WWE’ because of her success in the network. Here’s a breakdown of Bianca Belair’s career:


After graduating college, the pro wrestler joined CrossFit as a powerlifter and competitor. Unfortunately, her CrossFit career ended prematurely after an injury.

The injury led her doctors to diagnose her with intercostal chondritis, also known as shifting rib syndrome.

However, she’s still featured in several magazines, including RX magazine, Femme Rogue magazine, and CrossFit.


In 2016, Bianca applied for the WWE prospects database. After two official tryouts, she signed a contract with WWE. She was assigned to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Bianca made her debut appearance as ‘Binky Blair’ in an in-ring segment at an NXT Live event. She nicknamed herself the ‘EST,’ which stands for the excellent degree.

The nickname means that she’s the toughEST, roughEST, FastEST, and so on.

Moreover, Bianca defeated several competitors throughout her NXT career, including Deanna Purrazzo, Candice LeRae, and Dakota Kai.

Raw Roster

After her last match at NXT Live on February 19, 2019, with Charlotte Flair, the American professional wrestler made it to the Raw Roster in 2020.

She made her main roster debut on Raw by rescuing The Street Profits from Austin Theory, Angel Garza, and Zelina Vega.

Afterward, WWE paired her with The Street Profits, welcoming her as a new member of the Raw roster.

However, Bianca didn’t fit with the group’s humorous portions, so WWE ended the alliance.

The Smackdown Women’s Championship

In October 2020, WWE assigned the pro wrestler to the Smackdown roster. She made history in 2021 by winning the Women’s Royal Rumble match, eliminating Rhea Ripley.

She became the first black woman in WWE history to achieve this feat, following The Rock.

Despite entering at number 3, Bianca Belair was in the match for almost 56 minutes, setting a record for a Women’s Royal Rumble competitor.

Winning Against Sasha Banks

During the February 26 episode of WWE Smackdown, Belair challenged Sasha Banks to a championship at WrestleMania 37.

Bianca defeated Sasha Banks and won the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship, earning the first title of her wrestling career.

Later on, she successfully defended her title against Bayley at ‘WrestleMania Backlash’ and in a ‘Hell in a Cell’ match.

Belair was supposed to defend her championship against Sasha Banks at the SummerSlam.

However, WWE announced Carmella will be substituting for Banks. During the match though, Becky Lynch attacked Carmella and fought Belair herself.

Bianca lost the match, giving Lynch the title and ending her reign after 133 days.

Awards and Achievements

Bianca Belair achieved several accomplishments throughout her wrestling career.

In 2021, Belair and Banks made history as the first two black women to headline WrestleMania. They both won the Best WWE Moment ESPY Award.

In addition, the PWI, or Pro Wrestling Illustrated, ranked Bianca Belair as number one of the top 150 female wrestlers in PWI Women’s 150.

Furthermore, Belair won WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship and Women’s Royal Rumble. She’s also won the Bumpy Award for her historical match with Sasha Banks.

Bianca Belair Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Bianca Belair’s net worth sits at $5 million. Bianca Belair is one of the most established women in WWE. In fact, she has an annual salary of $550,000.

Moreover, she also makes additional revenues from item sales and appearances on pay-per-view television.

Some of her business ventures include The Nice Allen Shop, where she designs and sells bags, jewelry, and custom-designed children’s clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Can Bianca Belair Deadlift?

Basically, Belair’s training includes general strength and powerlifting. In the WWE Performance Center weight room, Bianca Belair deadlifted 415 pounds.

Is Bianca Belair’s Hair Her Own?

Bianca Belair is known for her long braided hair, which she sometimes used as a weapon during her matches.
According to her interview with Miami Herald, her thick, twisted hair that hung to her knees is real.

Key Takeaways

Bounce Back

Although Bianca Belair struggled to cope with bulimia and depression, she managed to get back on her track career after counseling and therapy.

Stay Positive

Belair suffered from an injury that ended her CrossFit career. She stayed positive and tried to apply for the WWE’s prospects database. Luckily, she was offered tryouts. Afterward, she signed a contract with WWE.

Stay Focused and Motivated

Even after Bianca’s transition from CrossFit to WWE, she stayed motivated and focused on her wrestling career. In addition, she ventured into the business world and owned a shop called ‘The Nice Allen Shop’.