Balancing Academics and Side Hustles

Side hustle

Many college students end up side-hustling because they need money to support themselves and their studies. More often than not, this happens when their parents cannot afford to send them money or the money they receive is insufficient to fulfill the student’s needs. Since handling college duties and a side hustle can take a lot of your time, it’s critical to balance them so you take care of both aspects of your life without neglecting the other. 

Having a college life and a side hustle is quite tricky. To begin with, you have courses to attend and projects to work on. On the other hand, you need the side hustle to keep making money to maintain your college life. But don’t worry – this article will teach you how to balance academics and side jobs for college students. 

The Rise of Side Hustles Among College Students

Did you know that more and more college students engage in side hustles? According to a report made by the University of Reading named “The Side Hustle Economy”, it was revealed that 34% of people between the ages of 16 and 24 have a side job. The sad reality is that not all students have a wealthy lifestyle – their parents may not afford to support them in new ventures, so college students are left to fend for themselves however it suits them. 

They might be dealing with piles of papers to read and working on homework and projects. At the same time, they need to pay bills, buy groceries, and pay for their schooling. 

Side hustles for college students allow them to make some extra money so they can live while working in the future. Many types of side jobs are popular among students. These include babysitting, dog walking, freelancing, selling photos, tutoring, and even online jobs.

Best Side Hustles for College Students

If you’re looking for a side hustle for college students but don’t know what to choose, you should know there are many popular jobs to consider. Here are some top options for students:

  • Online Tutor

Do you have extensive knowledge in a particular area and want to help others? In this case, becoming an online tutor might be the right job for you. If you’ve become an expert on a topic, you may sell your notes and help those less fortunate who want to master the subject. Some popular options include history, English, science, and mathematics. 

  • Babysitting

Among all the side hustles, babysitting is the one you’ve heard about the most. It’s very accessible, especially if you know someone in your circle who needs a babysitter. 

If you love children and like being around them, a babysitting job might be your go-to. It’s even better to have a natural talent for talking to kids.

  • Uber or Lyft Driver

If you’re a driver, you use your vehicle to drive people to their destination and earn a little cash. Companies like Lyft and Uber make great choices. You’ll likely get many passengers, especially if you carefully choose your working hours. 

  • Freelance Writer

One of college students’ most common online side hustles is freelance writing. With the continuous rise of online content and its demand, you earn some extra cash if you take on various writing gigs. Many platforms look for skilled writers who create robust and optimized content. A bonus of careful time management and project selection is increased productivity. 

  • Food Delivery Driver

Many people order food in a rush or don’t want to cook for themselves. So, why not take advantage of this and become a food delivery driver? Services like DoorDash, GrubHub, or UberEats are perfect for it. 

  • Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

The company of a cute pet is always a pleasure. Dog walking or pet sitting are among the best side hustles for college students as you spend time with cute furry friends and make money.

Tips for Balancing Academics and Side Hustles

The cool thing about side hustles for college students is that they are done in their spare time. It’s okay to be working for a boss who sets a schedule in stone. You put in hours, depending on work, as a side hustle. 

Now, you should work smarter, not harder, to manage time and ensure you can still take care of academics while following your side hustles.

There are a Few Things You Can do to Make it Work:

  • Don’t multitask. Rather than helping, it will only hinder your efforts and reduce the output. You wouldn’t be able to focus on studying or working correctly and wouldn’t excel in either area. Concentrate on one thing at a time. 
  • Prioritize tasks based on urgency. Does a project have a deadline soon? Make it a priority, then take care of your side hustle once you’re done. Do the same thing with all essential tasks. 
  • Stop procrastinating. While procrastination is tempting, you must be productive and avoid wasting time. 
  • Create a to-do list. A to-do list solves this issue if you need help following the schedule and always end up in a chaotic situation. 

Real-Life Examples

Do you still need to be convinced that academics and side hustles can be balanced? Here are some stories from successful college students:

  • John, 23: I work as an Uber driver. I focus on studying most of the day, then perform a few hours in the evening and on weekends. It’s been a perfect schedule for me.
  • Mary, 24: Writing as my side hustle allowed me to work from home and easily access my college notes. I make my schedule, and balancing my job and college is simple, which is excellent. 
  • Sarah, 21: My friend has an aunt who needed a babysitter for her toddler. Because we know each other and the parents are only away in the evening, I have enough time to focus on college during the daytime and take care of the child at night.

Whether you are considering traditional or remote side hustles for college students, balancing your job and college duties is possible. Find the right job, follow our tips, and you’ll do great.