Anna Sorokin Net Worth

Anna Sorokin Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Anna Sorokin is?

The former con artist and fake German heiress took an illegal path to make an immense fortune. However, things didn’t go as she’d planned.

As of May 2023, Anna Sorokin has a net worth ranging between $50,000–$100,000. This article shows how Sorokin collected her past fortune and how she lost most of it.

Early Life

Anna Sorokin, known as Anna Delvey, was born in Domodedovo, Russian SFSR, on January 23rd, 1991.

Anna was a daughter of a working-class family. Her mother ran a small convenience store, and her father, Vadim Sorokin, made his living as a truck driver. Regarding early education, Anna Delvey completed hers in Russia.

When Anna reached 16, she immigrated with her family from the Soviet Union to Germany. When she moved to Germany, Sorokin attended a catholic school to complete her high school education.

However, she didn’t focus on learning German like her fellow students. Instead, Anna was passionate about fashion magazines and art.

Anna Sorokin graduated from her German school at 20. Once she graduated, she moved to London to attend Central Saint Martins’s art school. She pursued the goal of becoming an interior designer.

Anna didn’t continue long in the new art school. She left the school and returned to Germany again. One year later, Sorokin landed an internship at the famous French fashion magazine Purple.

She moved from Germany to Paris to start her new job. At that point, she started a career as a model in Paris for a few months.

Anna Delvey Foundation

Sorokin traveled from Paris to New York in 2013 as a part of her work for Purple magazine. This was to attend New York Fashion Week.

After the event, Sorokin stayed there and started working from the magazine’s New York office. It was only a few months, and she left the magazine.

While in New York, Anna Delvey built a wide network of connections with the intention of committing her first fraud attempt.

She faked an art foundation and called it the “Anna Delvey Foundation.” Sorokin contacted many of New York’s wealthy people to fund her foundation.

DJ Elle Dee, one of Sorokin’s acquaintances, said that Anna introduced herself to people at parties as a wealthy German heiress.

Anna Delvey pretended she’d inherited her father’s oil empire. Dee also added that Sorokin used to buy the most expensive clothing brands to reflect the false identity she was portraying.

Despite all her tireless attempts, Anna failed to raise funds for her fake foundation. However, she continued to expand her network with rich individuals.

During this period, Anna Delvey relied on some of her friends and acquaintances to pay her bills and expenses. This included flights, hotel stays, and even her drinks.

Because her network was wide, it was estimated that Anna stole $275,000. Anna promised them she’ll repay their money, but she never did.

Anna Delvey Attempted Grand Larceny

In 2016, Anna Sorokin started a new chapter in her fraud story. This time she went for grand larceny against financial institutions.

She used Photoshop to fake bank statements and documents that claimed Anna owned 60 million euros in multiple Switzerland Banks accounts.

Sorokin used these fake documents to request a $22-million loan from City National Bank. The bank asked for more verifications for her Swiss balances, but she submitted no proof. So, the bank declined her request.

Anna Delvey’s scam attempts didn’t stop there. Soon after, Sorokin requested another loan, but this time from Fortress Investment Group.

When Fortress executives reviewed her requests and her financial documents, they found a lot of contradictions in them. They invited her for a verification session. Anna Delvey didn’t respond and withdrew the request.

Scams Continued

In 2017, Anna Delvey continued to borrow money from a lot of her friends and acquaintances without repayment.

One of the known stories regarding this borrowed money is her trip to Morocco with her ex-friend Rachel Williams.

Sorokin invited Williams on a trip to Morocco. When they arrived, she pretended all her credit cards had stopped working.

So, she asked Williams to pay for the trip, which cost around $60,000, in a promise to pay back. After months of the trip, she didn’t pay Williams back her money.

When she returned from Morocco to New York, Anna Delvey failed to pay for the hotel she had been staying at for a while. As a result, the hotel evicted her and accused her of scamming them.

In addition, one of the flight companies she had scammed before discovered what she’d done and notified the police.

In October 2017, Anna Delvey was finally arrested for many accusations.

Anna Delvey Under Arrest

Once Anna Sorokin got arrested, she faced multiple charges. This included check fraud, misdemeanor theft, unpaid bills, fraudulent loan applications to many banks, and multiple counts of grand larceny.

After months of investigations, she was found guilty. That way, Anna Delvey was sentenced to 4-12 years in state prison. In addition, she was fined $24,000 and $199,000 in restitution.

Anna Delvey was released in 2021. Nonetheless, the police kept her under house arrest, and she wasn’t allowed to leave her house or use social media.

Inventing Anna and Media Exposure

In 2018, Netflix paid Anna $320,000 to get the rights to Sorokin’s life story. The company used the tale of Anna to produce its famous miniseries “Inventing Anna,” released in 2022.

Besides the Netflix series, many other shows and series featured the story of Anna, including “American Greed” and “Generation Hustle.”

Plus, Sorokin’s former friend Rachel Williams wrote a book about her relationship with the Russian fraudster. The book is titled “My Friend Anna.”

Once Anna Sorokin got out of jail in 2021 and was put under house arrest, the media reached her and made numerous deals with her.

Anna Sorokin Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Anna Sorokin has a net worth ranging between $50,000–$100,000.

Although the exact number is uncertain, we can estimate Anna Delvey net worth from her known sources of income.

Netflix paid “Anna Delvey” $320,000 for the rights to “Inventing Anna.”

Still, she had to pay over $250,000 in restitution and settle state fines. She also spent over $75,000 in legal fees.

Plus, she gets paid to appear in TV interviews from her house. Anna was a very successful interior designer before starting these scams. So, she’s skillful at painting. Sorokin makes and sells pieces of art.

Although Anna is under house arrest, some of her artist friends organized two exhibits, sold a few of her artworks, and sent her the receipts.

In an interview, Sorokin said she spends her time painting and producing new pieces. She also said that she plans to make non-fungible tokens and sell them soon.

Sorokin also currently works on a podcast about her story and lessons from her life. That way, it’s expected that Anna Delvey’s net worth will multiply in the following years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Is Anna Delvey Sorokin Now?

Anna Sorokin is now on house arrest in an apartment in New York City. She might face a possible deportation decision in the middle or the end of 2023.

Before her current house arrest, the ICE arrested Sorokin for staying in the US with an expired visa.

What Is Anna Delvey Doing Now?

Anna is working on a lot of projects to make a huge Anna Sorokin net worth. This includes painting new artworks and recording interviews with many TV channels.

She also signed a contract for a documentary about her life that will be shot later.
In addition, she ventured into the NFT world, where she intends to focus on making her following pieces of art as NFTs.

Key Takeaways

You Can Always Start Again

After getting released, Sorokin started a new life at 32 years old. She can begin a new chapter after all the mistakes she’s made and all the hardships she went through.

She’ll try again to make a healthy amount of money and build a satisfying net worth.

Hard Days Create Stories Worth Telling

Sorokin’s adventures and tribulations make her life story worth telling despite being a criminal. For this reason, all the media is talking about her.

This isn’t to say you should engage in illegal activities. Instead, you should go on adventures and do unfamiliar things. That way, you make a story worth telling.

Utilize The Latest Money-Making Technologies

Sorokin said he is planning to invent new NFT art. The former fraudster tries to use the latest money-making technologies to build her future fortune.

If you need to learn, here’s how NFTs work.