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An Audience Is All You Need For Success: Here’s Why

Breaking into the world of entrepreneurship and achieving success can be daunting. If you’re starting, you are surely entering uncharted territory. I bet your mind is racing with a plethora of questions. The most prominent question though, is ‘will I be successful?’

Before you started your own small business, you were probably wondering if it was going to be successful or not. Now, while you’re in the midst of it, you’re still asking yourself that. Of course, it’s reasonable to question yourself, and it’s normal not to succeed right away. You will rarely achieve success right off the bat. Becoming an entrepreneur is a journey; it takes time, effort, and it’s a learning process.

You won’t succeed right away, and in fact, you will sometimes fail along the way. But those failures will help you improve your business for the future so you can reach your entrepreneurial goals.

However, this article is not about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. This article is about how you can reach the success you covet. There is one thing you need to get your company off the ground, and it all starts with why you started this entrepreneurial journey in the first place. 

PR And Entrepreneurial Success? Huh?

I’m currently a public relations student, and although that career path doesn’t have ‘entrepreneurship’ written all over, there are aspects of PR that apply to all types of business endeavors. For those who don’t know, public relations involves communication between organizations and the public to maintain mutually beneficial relationships. 

As a public relations major, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the industry. A lot of that involves learning how to write in a clear, concise, and effective manner so that the message I produce resonates well with an audience. The audience is one of the most crucial aspects of any public relations endeavor. Writing something that interests them is vital to success. 

So, what does this have to do with entrepreneurship? Bear with me. 

One day, I was sitting in my Writing for Public Relations class and my professor pulled up a Ted Talk for us to watch. Great, I thought, another boring video. The video was titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” by author Simon Sinek. However, this video was far from boring.

As soon as the talk began to play, it was clear that this video wasn’t just about public relations, but that it relates to all types of business endeavors. The one thing present in all those endeavors, certainly in entrepreneurship, is the audience’s idea

With entrepreneurship, your audience must buy into your ideas and what you’re trying to sell. The audience makes or breaks your success, and this video emphasizes how to get to your audience effectively. 

So, How Do You Reach Your Audience? 

Sinek introduces his concept of “The Golden Circle,” a technique you should use when trying to sell an idea to your audience. The Golden Circle is a three-tiered circle with the innermost ring being “why,” the second tier being the “how,” and the outermost circle being the “what.” Why do you do what you do? How do you do it? What do you do? 

Sinek says that most people start with the ‘what’ when trying to sell to an audience. The problem here is that starting a sales pitch with what you do is boring, mundane, and not convincing an audience to buy into your idea instead of others.

According to Sinek, few people know why they do what they do. If you can figure that out, it sets you apart from competitors and is more appealing. He encourages us to use the circle and act from the inside out to be inspiring. Start with the why followed by how and what you do. As he says, “people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

– Simon Sinek

The most important take-away from this video is that Sinek encourages us to be driven by an authentic, genuine purpose and belief in an idea. He relates this concept to the example of the Wright Brothers building the first airplane. He notes that the Wright brothers had none of the resources we think lead to success, as opposed to Samuel Pierpont Langley, an aspiring aviation pioneer. The latter was educated and had all the money and support in the world. 

Yet, The Wright Brothers Were The Ones Who Achieved Success

What did they have that Langley didn’t? The Wright brothers had passion, belief in something purposeful, and, most importantly, an audience. In contrast, Langley was only in it for fame and fortune. In other words, you shouldn’t pursue entrepreneurship only to make money. 

It would be best if you focused on why this journey fulfills you and your audience. As Sinek says, “talk about what you believe, to attract those who believe what you believe.” To reach success, you need an audience that believes in your product– what better way to attract them than by showing them you believe too?

So why did my professor show us an 11-year-old Ted Talk? Because it remains highly relevant today. Sinek’s Ted Talk is one of the most popular talks today, raking in a total of over 50 million views and counting. So what he’s saying must be helpful in some way, shape, or form. 

This video tells us what we should be communicating to our audience to get them to buy into our ideas– the same goes for entrepreneurship and any business journey. Customers buy into the “why” you do what you do. Why did you start your business? Why does it matter to you? Why should it matter to me?

If you can answer the “why,” you’re golden.


“It’s those who start with ‘why’ who have the ability to inspire those around them, or find others who inspire them.”

– Simon Sinek

Starting an entrepreneurial journey certainly has its challenges– one of those challenges is achieving success. Yet as Sinek says, to reach an audience, you need to tell them why you’re doing what you do– why is it important to you, and why should it be necessary to them? You should be purpose-oriented in your journey, not profit-oriented. Once you get to the heart of why you’re doing what you’re doing and show that to others, success will follow.

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