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All You Need to Know About Poker Blinds

Blinds are the life of a poker game. That’s undebatable. And in their absence, all that remains of poker is a dull and unintellectual activity. But there’s this infamous question of what poker blinds are. Well, it’s quite straightforward.

And at the end of this piece, you’ll have the key to a streak of wins every time you hit the tables. How about some rules guiding poker blinds? We’ll also talk you through every bit of it.

What are Blinds in Pokers?

Poker games are available for your maximum enjoyment in hundreds of real money casinos in Canada. But the sting to the killer bee is only when you know what the blinds are and how to use them. They’re compulsory wagers and must be positioned before any cards are taken.

That’s where we got the name “blind”. And as a player, you have to occupy the “big blind” or “small blind” position to pay for these blinds. No worries, we’ll simplify the two positions as we progress. However, they are both counted to the left-hand side of the dealer button.

Can you now see why blinds are important in a game of poker? The most sombre part is that, without blinds, every player would be forced to anticipate the pocket aces. And fatigue might find its way in sooner. In other words, poker blinds push the game forward.

Meanwhile, once it is your turn to place the bets, you must maintain a stack. That’s the basic and most fundamental rule you have to observe. You should also note that poker blinds work in different ways. And based on your host, the value can change anytime.

Big Blinds and Small Blinds

These two expressions are coined from table positions. That’s what we meant earlier that in this game, change in table positions (value) is constant. That is, the value changes immediately after every hand. This is to ensure that each player plays the two blinds, at least once every cycle. On a general note, the two positions are a reference to the amount the players on each side can bet. It’s also known as the forced bet.

If you’re playing the big blind, you’ll have to bet the same amount with the minimum bet on the table. And if you’re on the small side, half of the bet’s size will be required. Easy peasy! However, there are some rare instances where both small and big blinds will have the same amount.

So you need to dot your “I”s and cross your “T”s before placing bets. And as for the determination of the blinds, that’s often the exclusive decision of the game host.

Strategies for Using Blinds in a Poker Game

How do blinds work in poker? That’s another secret we’re about to show you. Once you could understand and master this to perfection, you’re ready to make more wins! Another reason why you need this is that your success in poker is often determined by the strategies applied. Let’s check them out:

Focus More on the Small Blinds

You should always remember the technical knowledge that there’s dead money in the pot. And you stand a chance to cop them if you know the rules. So even if you make losses from the small blinds, winning the money in the pot will mitigate the losses.

However, if your goal is to steal from the small blind, it’ll be better to use a bigger bet. Yes, that’ll serve as a defence wall against your opponent. But if the bet is too minimal, the big blind has an upper hand. That means you’re offering your opponent a blank check – a wide opening range.

Protect Your Big Blind

One of the factors associated with big blinds is that it fills the player with pressure. But you need to be gallant and prepared to nip any pressure or fear in the bud. Give it all it takes to grab the pot. Of course, we know that it’s easier said than done.

So you need to balance it. You should take some steps back after putting up a great fight. You won’t wear yourself out that way. But the strategy remains – secure your big blind!

Give the Big Blind Player Some Close Monitoring

You may have a seasoned and aggressive player to your left, so you’ll have to change tactics. This rule even works like an alternative to a blind in poker. Thus, you need to be on alert for certain reactions.

Once the opponent in the defensive position starts 3-betting or 4-betting, that’s a signal that you hit by tightening your ranges. On the other hand, it’s advisable to release and broaden the ranges if the opponent with the big blind is going close. These are the hacks to help you win the pot.

Blinds in Cash Games Vs. Blinds in Tournament Play

Using poker blinds in cash games works in the same pattern as the tournament plays. Meanwhile, the use of poker blinds in tournaments is somewhat restricted to the succeeding stages. And they increase at regular intervals.

However, the primary rule of engagement is that your chip stack is maintained. Failure to do this might render you incapacitated to sustain the blinds. So what’s the consequence? You get knocked out of the game.

Final Thoughts

Here are poker blinds explained with no complications or grey areas! The good side of blinds in a game of poker is that it pushes the players to perfection. So the more consistent you’re with free poker, the more professional you become. And in no time, you’ll become the Lord of the casino.

We should also bring it to your remembrance to always place the correct bet in the pot. And this applies to any position you maintain – big blind or small blind. Another takeaway is that you should never run out of stack. That’s an important tip if you want to stay longer in the game. Spice up your next visit to the casino with poker blinds and dominate the tables!

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