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9 Reasons to Adopt a Side Hustle

Ever wondered what it would be like to pursue your passion and manage a full-time job? If so, you’ve probably considered taking up a side hustle– an extra employment gig in addition to your regular job. Whether you’re doing freelance writing, creating a blog or starting a food delivery service, there are so many opportunities out there (not to mention, it’s a great way to occupy your free time while in quarantine.) Yet, a side hustle can be challenging; it drags you out of your comfort zone and forces you to try something new. It’s easy to question whether or not you’ll be successful, and oftentimes, the fear of failure can hold you back; yet that shouldn’t be a reason to give up. Pursuing a side hustle is all about taking risks; it may not work out, but what if it does? There is an endless amount of benefits that come along with a side hustle. If you’ve been thinking about doing it, then go for it. Here’s why:

1. It Makes You Unique

How many people do you know who work full-time, yet run a successful blog or YouTube channel? How many people do you know who work a day job and slave away at night making food deliveries? My guess is not that many. But if you do know someone like this, you probably admire their work ethic, drive and ability to do something different and unique. That’s one benefit of working a side hustle– it sets you apart from others. This shows employers that you can handle a heavy workload and can take on challenging tasks.

2. It Diversifies Your Profile

Adopting a side hustle shows how you can think differently

Maybe your full-time job doesn’t require you to be a skilled writer. However, if you start a blog on the side, that shows how you are completely capable of writing compelling pieces, which only makes you more of an asset in the workplace. Adopting a side hustle adds to your profile and shows how you have a diverse skill set– again, making you a more appealing candidate. Side hustles also often reflect your passions and your true interests. Therefore, you may have more opportunities to uphold your passion in the workplace because your employers know it’s what you truly care about; and we all know the work comes so much easier if you’re passionate about it.

3. It Shows How You Can Manage Multiple Tasks at Once

Yes, you’ll be busier if you work a side hustle, but doing so shows how you can manage many concurrent tasks at once! It reflects a strong work ethic and shows how you can successfully manage a demanding workload. As a result, your employer may give you more responsibilities and you’ll have more opportunities to advance in your workplace. 

4. It’s Something Else to Put on Your Resume

A side hustle is another aspect to include on your resume because it shows you’re a well-rounded person who is capable of completing a plethora of tasks. This ties into some of the other benefits previously mentioned, but it’s a way to diversify your resume and showcase your true interests and talents. It’s also impressive for some employers to see you’ve initiated your own start-up company, blog, etc. In terms of resume- building, a side hustle will only serve to benefit you. 

5. It Reveals Your Passion, Dedication and Commitment 

Side hustles keep you busy and productive

I’ll admit it, starting a side hustle is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time. Odds are, you won’t be successful right away, but that’s what a side hustle is: you start from the bottom, and with eager diligence and a strong commitment, you make your way to the top and succeed. Doing so demonstrates how you’re a devoted worker who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. It also displays what your true interests are, for your effort and commitment to your side hustle are driven by passion. 

6. It Keeps You Busy

Don’t get me wrong, we all love relaxing and taking a break every now and then. But sometimes, having nothing to do can be boring, and makes you feel useless. Of course, you still have your day job to worry about, but why not occupy your free time with something productive? Personally, I always feel much better about myself if I can accomplish something of value during the day– and a side hustle can be a way for you to do that! 

7. It’s Personally Fulfilling

As I mentioned earlier, side hustles often involve something you’re passionate about (although they don’t necessarily have to.) But if you are passionate about your side hustle, you’re not only motivated to complete the work out of pure enjoyment, but you feel good about completing it. You’re actually doing what you want to be doing and feel a sense of pride and fulfillment while doing it. 

8. You Can Fearlessly Live Out Your Dream

You are totally capable of being successful!

So, your office job may not be what you dreamt it would; it’s not what you envisioned it’d be and, as bad as it sounds, you may hate it. But, that’s normal; it’s rare for people to absolutely love every job they have. In fact, the job you may have now could be far from the job you planned on having. Don’t worry– a side hustle can be the job you’ve always dreamt of having. Many people are apprehensive about pursuing their career-oriented dreams out of the fear of failure. The good thing about a side hustle is that you can pursue your dreams in addition to your day job. With a side hustle, you can fearlessly live out your dreams, because you have your full-time job to fall back on. 

9. It’s a Learning Experience

Yes, your side hustle may fail. But failure can be a good thing, because it’s a really critical learning experience. In fact, failure is a normal part of life and it’s something we all go through. Without failure, there’s no room for growth, and growth is one of the most critical aspects of our lives because it allows you to expand your knowledge base and become the best person you can be. When you begin to view failure as a benefit, you’ll see there’s no real downside to adopting a side hustle. 


When debating whether or not to take up a side hustle, it’s best just to go for it. What do you have to lose? It may not work out, but all that matters is that you tried and gave it your best shot. Even if you do fail, you’ll learn something along the way that can alter your work demeanor or career path. But you may not fail– you may succeed. With some dedication, commitment, and a whole lot of passion, you are totally capable of killing the side hustle game. Not to mention, the benefits of a side hustle are insurmountable. To put it simply, you’ll be a more appealing candidate to employers, and you’ll be able to do what you truly love and live out your dream.

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  1. Honestly such a good point. I see my friends that work full time jobs and work for places like Grubhub on the side and they make so much money. I really admire their hustle. Doing anything you can to keep working and save up.


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