5 Ways Flyers Can Still Make a Big Impact On Your Marketing Strategy

With the growing popularity of social media, it seems like you can reach more people for less with a single post. So, are flyers really obsolete? No. You can still make a big impact using the flyers in your marketing strategy.

Flyers are still a highly impactful marketing tactic, whether you are a new business or already established. This is because they are not only inexpensive but also can be made to look professional.

So, with the right strategy, flyers can make a big impact on your marketing strategy. Here are five ways flyers can help boost your marketing strategy.

1. Create a professional-looking flyer that says it all

The preeminent way to create impactful flyers is to design them professionally. A poorly designed flyer won’t grab your potential customer’s attention and will remain to lie on the floor or within the magazine. A professional flyer should have all of the components as under:


Color is something you cannot choose randomly; it should be decided after a thoughtful process. Learning color psychology will aid you in selecting the optimal color for your flyer.

As per color psychology, every color affects the moods and emotions of the audience differently. For instance, the black color lures the audience to feel prestige. Similarly, the blue color enhances the feelings of calmness and serenity.

The same goes for the rest of the colors, and each one of them makes the audience feel differently. 

Choosing the right color depends on the subject product of the flyer. For example, if the flyer is to market an environment-friendly product, you may want to choose the green color for it because it reflects the emotions of freshness and healing.

Flyer printing

Do whatever good you can to the flyer’s design, but if the printing quality isn’t up to the mark, the flyer will still look poorly designed.

That’s why you must also have the best flyer printing. It is because a nicely printed flyer will be the exact thing you have designed graphically. Its color would not deviate from the color you wanted. Also, the quality of the paper would be appealing.

Not only the color and paper quality, but an excellent wholesale printing quality printed flyer also would not have any alignment problems in its content.

Content placement

Content placement is vital. Content on your flyer is what would define your offering. If you have placed all of it anywhere in the flyer, your audience may not even bother to go through it.

That’s why you should spare some time to choose a catchy headline first of all. A catchy headline will immerse your audience into your flyer.

Then, decide on the placement of your content. For example, you may want to place the essential points about your offering at the place right under the headline.

Also, break the content into sections; otherwise, it will overwhelm your audience. If you are defining multiple features of your offering, dedicate a different section on the flyer for each feature.


You must choose font carefully as it affects your flyers’ content legibility. Some fonts are more readable than others, while some deliver a sense of modernity.

For instance, Times New Roman font type is considered the most readable font type. That’s why it is more often used in academia.

Also, some font types may be suitable for children’s products, such as Comic Sans, but you must avoid them when advertising an offering for adults. Similarly, fonts from the Sans Serif family can be used when you want to promote a friendly, approachable vibe.

2. Flyers can be a cost-effective way to advertise your business

Would you rather spend $20 or $2,000 on an ad? You’ll have to answer this question for yourself. But flyers are a great way to advertise your business without having to break the bank.

Flyers might seem like a throwback to days gone by, but they’re still an effective way to reach consumers with your brand.

Flyers allow you to target your audience with ease and lower cost. Most people are going to pass by a flyer anyway, so it’s not like the flyer is going to cost you much in terms of advertising space.

Plus, you can throw flyers away after people read them, which means you don’t have any extra expenses associated with their disposal. Since they are made up of paper usually, they are also not going to harm the environment.

One final advantage of flyers is that they’re easy to distribute and require little effort from the person distributing them. Flyers can be handed out on the streets or put in mailboxes along with invitations for events and parties.

3. They’re the most direct form of marketing

There are many ways to market online now, but there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned flyer.

Fliers offer a direct way for your brand to reach its audience. Fliers are also an engaging medium that people will find interesting.

In comparison, social media offers a more passive approach. Sure, you can post images or videos of your products and services, but it takes time for people to see them.

On top of that, you have to be mindful of how often you’re posting these items and when they should be posted in order to get the most bang for their buck.

A flyer will not only let you advertise in real-time with minimal effort, but it’ll also boost your brand authority by putting your business front and center.

Fliers make an impact because they put your business in front of potential customers where they can quickly learn about what you do and how you operate.

Even though flyers are a direct form of marketing, they are still less invasive than social media marketing.

Flyers can be left in public places and will not show up as posts on someone’s feed or timeline like a Facebook post would. They also won’t be seen by all of someone’s friends or followers like a tweet would.

Flyers can target specific groups or areas and are less likely to result in unwanted reactions from people who see them versus those who come across a social media post.

4. Fliers are a great way for new businesses to get their name out there

A flyer can be an effective way for new businesses to spread the word. It’s a quick and easy way to get your name out there and attract potential customers with impactful flyers.

You can produce multiple versions of flyers in different sizes keeping in view their placement. As flyers can be made professional-looking, they make a strong statement about your business.

If you implement all the previously-mentioned ways to create an impactful flyer, you can spread a good perception about your new business. It is a touchpoint that can make your new business a fortune if carefully handled.

Compared to digital marketing, where you have to wait to spread your word and gain customers, flyers can considerably cut that waiting time.

You don’t have to worry about things such as optimization, ranking, or visibility of your advertisement. If the flyer is well-designed, potential customers will go through it with the same interest as they would go through the flyers from your established competitors.

That’s why a flyer is an excellent way for new businesses to get their name out there. Your flyers, if well-designed, won’t be neglected by your potential customers just because your business is new.

5. Flyers are still a great way to reach people who don’t have access to the internet

In today’s world of social media, flyers may seem like an outdated way to advertise. But with the considerable number of people without access to the internet, flyers still have their place.

This is because people who don’t have access to the internet can still see your flyer. Therefore, it makes it easier for you to reach these individuals and make them aware of your offerings.

It is especially important for FMCG businesses. This is because every human uses the offerings of FMCG businesses, and when you know some of them are not on the internet, you may be losing out on your potential customers.

A flyer is an impactful marketing tool to market your offering to everyone, including those who aren’t on the internet.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, many years after the age of mass print media, the flyer has retained its relevance in marketing. Through the use of social media and other methods, it can still be used to promote deals and flash sales as well.

This article mentioned the five ways for maintaining a flyer strategy that will still significantly impact your marketing strategy.

With these ways, now is the perfect time to reflect on your current marketing strategy and work out just how much influence you want to give flyers in the process. Your customers and your sales will thank you for it.

We hope that you’ve picked up some great ideas from this article and that they stimulate your thought processes. May your next flyer bring a significant impact.