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3 Phrases to Remove from Your Sales Calls Today

All valuable sales calls start with a plan. One of our most recent posts covered 3 cold call tips in the form of the biggest mistakes people make when making them.

Here at The Success Bug, we’re constantly learning with our readers. So, this week, our team took it a step further and researched 3 phrases to remove from your sales calls that will help you, today, from some of the best minds in sales, Bryan Casella, and Dan Lok.

Bryan Casella is a YouTuber famous for making his sales prowess in the real estate industry known through helpful video tutorials featuring tips, tricks and best practices.

Dan Lok is an entrepreneur, author and YouTuber, famous for his bestselling books and in-your-face sales advice.

According to these two Sales Gurus, we’ve compiled 3 Phrases to remove from your sales calls today, to incite more positive conversations.

1. “How are you?”… The Killer of Sales Calls

sales calls

“How are you” might be the most dragged out, overused phrase in the history of sales.

Alright, that was dramatic. But, think about it, how many times have you heard this phrase? Whether in your own office or after picking up a sales call yourself? Do you really care how someone is? What does that even mean? For most people, I’m sure that’s actually a difficult question, but are they going to tell a cold caller about their credit bills?

According to Casella, cut it out. Find ways to replace it. Most people will appreciate you getting to the point of the conversation, rather than wasting their time with non genuine, empty questions.

Recently, I’ve replaced this with, “Is now a good time for you?” And it’s drawn some positive results over the past few weeks. This could be a good place to start if you’re unsure of how to replace it with the dreaded, “How are you?”

2. “I’m Just Following Up”

Delete. Get rid. This is probably one of the most common phrases in sales as well, according to Dan Lok.

Similar to “How are you?” We almost say, “I’m just following up as a way to fill time; a placeholder for real conversation, another way to avoid being direct.

But, isn’t that what we want? To be as direct as possible? To deliver value to our clients as quickly and efficiently as we can? Try replacing, “I’m just following up” with some other phrases. One that I’ve used recently is, “Checking back with you” or “Touching base with you.”

Friends, it ain’t easy, but if we leave our comfort zones even a little bit, it should bring some positive results with it. I get it, it’s tough, especially when you’re making 50-100 sales calls per day. Take it from the multimillionaire sales extraordinaire, not me.

3. “I’m sorry to bother you…”

This one is bad. I’m sure that, as you’re reading this, you’re thinking to yourself that it sounds bad.

Generally, we want to avoid negative connotations when making sales call. Phrases like, “Is now a bad time?” instead of, “Is now a good time?” can make a world of a difference. However, “I’m sorry to bother you” might take the cake here.

Why are you already apologizing? At this point, you’re setting yourself up for a negative conversation. They might have had time for your call, but now you’ve put the thought of this being a “sales call” in their head. Now, they’re second guessing giving you the time.

And, I’ve said this. Many times. From experience, I can say that this is a great way to get a nice *click*.

So, what do you think? Have you used these phrases during your sales calls before? Leave a comment below and start the conversation. Let’s help each other!

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